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The right thing from the beginning






Despite brilliant ideas, many entrepreneurs fail right at the beginning due to poor financial planning and inadequate institutionalization.

WIBU GmbH Counselling provides the necessary service for the preparation of the detailed concept analysis and 3 year budget plan for  the start-up companies by working together with the entrepreneurs to implement right model for their firms.

  • Investment Plan
  • Finance Assessment
  • Finance Plan and Calculating the Financial Expenditures
  • Gross Revenue Planning, Gross Revenue Dependent Expenditures and Gross Profit Plan
  • Planning the Fixed Expenditures
  • Efficiency and Liquidation Plan
  • Break Even Point Analysis

Thus the entrepreneurs would have the know-how to secure a neatly planned start-up. Especially in the initial entrance phase to the market, they would have the chance to monitor their company’s progress accurately and intervene immediately whenever necessary.